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Empowering Your Financial Future, One Decision at a Time

From personalized financial guidance for individuals to expert business financial coaching, MindfulMoneybyHFS provides you with the necessary tools and knowledge to flourish financially. Embark on your path to financial confidence today.

Personal Financial Coaching

Unleash Your Personal Financial Potential: Whether you're single, married, or going through life transitions, our personal financial coaching offers customized strategies to align your finances with your aspirations. From budgeting to planning for retirement, we provide a clear and empowering path towards financial clarity and confidence.

Business Financial Coaching

Drive Success in Your Business: Partnering with MindfulMoneybyHFS offers Small to Medium-Sized Businesses financial insights to foster growth, streamline cash flow, and maximize profits. With over 3 years of experience serving businesses with 1 to 25 employees, we provide the expertise to propel your business to new heights.



At MindfulMoneybyHFS, financial freedom goes beyond mere wealth; it encompasses a deep understanding of your finances and the ability to make well-informed decisions that align with your personal goals and business aspirations. Our specialized financial coaching services are tailored to empower individuals, couples, and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses, helping them achieve lasting financial success.

We understand that each person's financial situation is unique, so we take a personalized approach. Our team carefully evaluates your specific needs and provides customized strategies and guidance. Whether navigating personal finance after a major life change or seeking to grow and stabilize your business, our expert coaching will empower you to take charge of your financial future.

Meet Our Coaches

  • Melisa: Melisa's compassionate approach to personal financial coaching centers around the human aspect of managing money. Drawing from her extensive background in banking, Melisa brings a wealth of experience to our clients seeking personal financial guidance. Whether it's navigating through budgeting or finding financial stability after major life changes, her empathy and deep understanding make her a reliable partner on your pathway to financial well-being.
  • Shanna: Shanna's heartfelt approach to personal financial coaching centers around the human side of money management. Whether she is guiding clients through budgeting or helping them recover financially after significant life changes, her genuine empathy and deep understanding make her a trusted companion on your path to financial well-being.

  • Eric: Eric, a highly skilled business financial coach, excels at guiding Small to Medium-Sized Businesses toward their growth and success. With his profound expertise in cash flow management, taxation, and business planning, Eric becomes an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs and business owners striving to maximize their profitability.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and honesty in all we do.
  • Empowerment: Our coaching empowers you with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions.
  • Personalization: Every client's financial situation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Ready to Begin Your Financial Journey?

Whether you're seeking personal financial guidance or robust business financial strategies, MindfulMoneybyHFS has the expertise to support your journey toward success. Book a coaching session with Eric or Melisa today, and take the first step towards achieving your financial goals.

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What our clients say.

There are a lot of stressors in life, and one of the biggest is the burden that your finances can place on several other aspects of your life.

I knew I was struggling to plan for my future financially, and that's when my Mindful Money coach stepped in. They offered to guide me, providing me with the tools necessary to move toward the future I’ve dreamed of. My coach was passionate about helping me work towards financial freedom. Since I started working with a Mindful Money coach, my debt has decreased. I even said GOODBYE to that annoying credit card debt!! I highly recommend working with a coach from MindfulMoneybyHFS because they teach you how to live a healthy life financially, and you will then reap the benefits of how that positively impacts several other aspects of your life.

If you have a goal, you can get there; don’t give up. Sometimes all we need are the tools necessary to help us succeed and a great coach. I can confidently say that with a coach from MindfulMoneybyHFS, you’ll have both!